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Locomotive Stud


All locos are fitted with electronics chips and controlled with the Hornby Zero 1 system.

The photos show trains in action and the tables below give specific locomotive details.

Steam Locomotives

Pic# Class No./Name Model Manufacturer Information
1&2 Standard 4MT
75001 Mainline Railways by Palitoy  
3&4 Rebuilt Bulleid West Country Pacific 4-6-2 34005 Barnstaple G & R Wrenn Ltd. Driving wheel flanges turned down for finer scale. Super neo magnet upgrade.
5&6 G6 0-6-0 30274 Wills finecast whitemetal body on Hornby Dublo R1 chassis with finescale wheels. Kit built. Weathered paint finish. Super neo magnet upgrade.
7&8 N15 King Arthur 4-6-0 30764
Sir Gawain
Hornby Railways  
9&10 N Class 2-6-0 31860 Bachmann Branch Lines  
11&12 Schools Class 4-4-0
Hornby Railways  
19&20 Bulleid Q1 Austerity 0-6-6 33029 Ks whitemetal kit.  
21,21,23 Bulleid Merchant Navy Pacific 4-6-2 35012
United States Line
Hornby Railways Fitted 'Atlantic Coast Express' nameboard
24&25 Bulleid Battle of Britain Pacific
Biggin Hill
Airfix plastic body kit on Kemilway chassis kit.  
26&27 Bulleid West Country Pacific
'Great British Locomotives' partwork Bulleid Battle of Britain on Hornby motorised chassis. Re-liveried and super detailed.
28&29 Drummond 700 (Black Motor) 30315 Hornby Hobbies  
30&31 Maunsell S15 30830 Hornby Hobbies  

Diesel Locomotives

Pic# Class No./Name Model Manufacturer Information
13&14 Class 35 Hymek D7074 Triang Hornby Originally BR blue. Repainted in BR green, renumbered and additional decals applied.
15&16 Class 33 D6506 Lima Trainspotting notes supporting use of this Diesel on the line in 1965.
17&18 Class 42 Warship D824 Highflyer Mainline Railways by Palitoy  

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