A Model Railway Layout Inspired by Crewkerne Station 1960-1965

This 00 gauge model railway is based upon the station complex at Crewkerne in Somerset on the main line from Waterloo to Exeter. However, It would not be right to name it Crewkerne because it is not a faithful reproduction. Crewkerne station lies some distance from the town that gave it its name. It is nearer to the village of Misterton. So, that is the name taken for the model railway.

Misterton is a through station complex measuring 12ft x 2ft being one side of an oval layout (The other side is modelled on Hewish Gates). The station track work is laid to a transition curve which provides greater scope for longer platforms with less severe curves at the two ends. At the western (Exeter) end the trains run onto a non-scenic bridging baseboard that is removed for access to the railway room. At the Eastern (London) end there is another bridging baseboard which is landscaped, since it is rarely moved.

On the south side of the station is a siding used mainly for cattle loading. On the north side are three sidings, one is for the Goods Shed.

The backscene is the railway room walls painted a sky blue colour except the layout is set forward from the wall by about 30cm and the wall itself mirrored to give an alternative view of the layout from the 'hidden' side. The gap is just sufficient to stand in and is mainly used during photographic sessions.

Turnouts are 'finger switched' and trains operate from a 1980s Hornby Zero 1 system, an early form of DCC.

Being a main line there is scope to run a wide variety of train formations and the period chosen allows for diesel as well as steam locomotives. A comprehensive timetable based on Saturday workings is available for more formal train workings.

Construction timeline and methods are presented on my Blog.

west field wood

Woodland at the rear of West Field.

Across West Field to the station

Fom West Field towards Station Road Railway Bridge and station building. Locomotive (out of shot) will back up to coaches on down line.

s15 at misterton station

Maunsel S15 class pulls into Misterton station with its passenger coaches.

misterton footbridge and water tower

Footbridge and water tower

station master's garden

Station master's garden.

Misterton car park view of station road

Train passenger racing to catch the bus.

Misterton car park

Station building, MG Midget in car park and fenced off up siding.

statio master looking at pocket watch

Station master (by Modelu) and porter (by Peco Model Scenes) await the next train, which is late.

two ladies and a gent on station platform

People (by Monty's Models) on down platfom. Women in early 1960s costume.

cattled ock

Horse boxes await the loading of calves from local farms.

goods shed

Goods shed, modelled on Crewkerne.

station cottage

Dusk at Station Cottage. (Pictured before Clark's Lane and East Field were added in front.)

clark's lane

Clark's lane.

east field

East field and horses.

lswr yard crane

Scratch built (3D printed kit) model of Crewkerne yard crane. (Temporary back scene.)

long view of goods shed

The approach to the station complex from Crewkerne tunnel.

crewkerne tunnel portal

Crewkerne tunnel portal.

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track plan