Country Station Building

This is a simplified version of Corfe Castle station building.

Please note that internal decoration is not provided.

Footprint: 312 mm long x 188 mm deep (Incl. roof overhangs).

Required Skill Level: ADVANCED (Please see Home page for definition)

Expert build time: 26 hrs.

Our Build Material Kit (below) contains sticky backed paper, board, acetate and wire, or you can supply your own materials. Complete DIY material and Tool requirements are listed towards the bottom of this page.

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Country Station

Comprises two kits, the Victorian House and a Ticket Office with Canopy  to make a Country Station.

If you want the Country Station and a separate Victorian House then buy one country station and print the house part twice.

More in-situ views appear in the slide show at the bottom of the track mat page here.

Country Station Material Kit

  • 9 x 750 micron (0.75 mm)  A4 Grey Board.
  • 13 x A4 Sticky Backed Paper for Ink Jet or Laser Printers.
  • 2 x 99 mm x 210 mm x 250 micron (0.25 mm) Transparent Sheet.
  • 810 mm x 1.0 mm diameter wire
  • 50 mm x 0.5 mm diameter wire

Comprises the Victorian House Kit and a Ticket Office with canopy kit.

You still need to print the model kits yourself and source adhesives.

Some kits require additional, standard, A4 white print paper that you probably already have to hand (not included).

:   kg

DIY Material List (house)

1. House Kit (.pdf fle)
2. 7 x A4 Sticky Back Label Sheet (Recommended). Otherwise, 1 x 80g/m2 A4 Copier/Ink Jet White Paper.
3. 1 x 80g/m2 A4 Copier/Ink Jet White Paper.
4. 5 x A4 0.75mm thick Grey Board.*
5. 1 x 210mm x 99mm Transparent Film for windowpanes. Ideally 250 micron thick (thinner is ok).
6. 1 x 1 mm diameter x 540 mm wire.
7. Paper Glue Stick
8. Quick Drying PVA Glue. (For grey board butt joints)
9. Cyanoacrylate (e.g Superglue)
10. Green enamel or acrylic paint (for drain pipes)
11. Double sided tape (for window glass if not using sticky paper)
12. Artist fixer spray - to protect from moisture ingress is using water based ink.

* Grey Board is a thicker form of cardboard, usually made from recycled material. Available from eBay.

DIY Material List (ticket office & canopy)

1. Ticket Office & Canopy Kit
2. 6 x A4 Sticky Back Lable Sheets (recommended). Otherwise, 80g/m2 A4 Copier Ink Jet White Paper
3. 4 x 0.75 mm A4 Grey Board *
4. 1 x 80g/m2 A4 Copier Ink Jet White Paper
5. 1 x 210 mm x 99 mm clear acetate or packaging (ideally 250 micron, thinner is ok)
6. 1 x 1mm diameter x 270 mm solid wire (for drain pipes)
7. 1 x 0.5 mm diameter x 50 mm solid wire (for hanging boards)
8. Paper glue stick
9.Quick drying PVA glue (for grey board butt joints)
10. Cyanoacrylate (e.g. Superglue)
11. Green enamel or acrylic paint
12. Double sided tape (for window glass if not using sticky paper)
13. Artist Fixer Spray - to protect from moisture ingress if using water based ink

Tool List

1. Scalpel with either spare blades or, sharpening stone.
2. Scissors
3. Cutting Mat or Thick Card
4. Metal mm Rule
5. Electrical Wire Cutters
6. Thin Tweezers
7. 1 mm drill bit and drill
8. 2 mm drill bit or rod
9. 3 mm drill bit or rod (size may differ - see instructions)
10. Small paint brush
11 .Brown felt tip pen
12. Black felt tip pen
13. Green felt tip pen
14. Medium grade sandpaper