Inspired Railway Modelling

Each scene is staged to emulate the prototype shown in the referenced book or photograph. Engine smoke/steam effects have been added to the photographs. Apart from that they are true images of the model.

Reference: Plate 4143992912 by Pondhopper1 @

Pondhopper1's photo shows 35012 'United States Line' leaving Blackboy Tunnel near Exmouth Junction Shed with the up Atlantic Coast Express 5 June 1962.

35012 at crewkerne tunnel

My photograph is of 35012 'United States Line' leaving Crewkerne Tunnel with the up Atlantic Coast Express. Blackboy and Crewkerne tunnel portals are of the same style and the surrounding embankments in 1962 are similarly void of dense vegetation. Both scenes depict the sweeping track curve at the tunnel mouth. The main differences are the sidings on the left do not exist in pondhopper1's photo and the sidings and houses on the right in pondhopper1's photo do not exist in mine. The tree(s) above the portal are more prominent in my photo.

Reference: Plate 53, South West Railwayman by Donald King.

Plate 53 is attributable to W.P.Conolly and depicts an up passenger train at Hewish Gates. The engine and coaches are not identified.

battle of britain locomotive at hewish gates

My photograph is of Battle of Britain Class Biggin Hill 34057 pulling MK1 coaches. This locomotive class is the same as the West Country in all but name. The scene is pretty much as shown in plate 53 except the distant landscape in Plate 53 is low countryside, not the tunnel mouth visible here.

Reference: Plate 75, Ivo Peters Southern Steam Album. Ivo Peters photograph depicts S15 No. 30845 beneath an eight post signal gantry at Yeovil, pulling away with its goods train. Only the engine and first two wagons of the train appear in his photo, a 12T planked box van and 3 plank wagon conveying two packing crates strapped down with rope.

N15 locomotive at Hewish Gates

My photograph is S15s big brother N15 no. 30764, which is similar in style to the S15. The first two wagons are nearly identical to those in Ivo Peters photograph and the packing crates with rope fastenings are faithfully modelled. The train is pulling away from the signal at Hewish Gates.

Reference: Page 86, Southern Steam from Lineside by Derek Cross.

Page 86 shows two West Country class pacifics near Semley. One in unrebuilt form with a train of empties for Meldon Quarry and the other in rebuilt form heads an Ilfracombe-Waterloo express.

2 pacific class locomotives at Hewish Gates

My photograph is of Battle of Britain class 34057 on the Meldon train and West Country class 34005 on the express near Hewish Gates. The signal poking above the smoke is identical and the rising embankment is also present, albeit mine has mature hedging and Page 86 open scrub. The loop is not present in the Page 86 photo, which shows an embankment there.

Reference: Plate 65, Ivo Peters Southern Steam Album. Ivo Peters photograph depicts Bulleid Battle of Britain Pacific Croydon with the 'down' Surbiton-Okehampton car carrier in a cutting between Milborne Port and Sherborne.

34057 at hewish siding

My photograph is West Country Pacific Barnstaple with similar train formation at Hewish Sidings. The Battle of Britain and West Country pacifics were the same build. The scene in both pictures is very similar.

Reference: Friends of Crewkerne Station website. An S15 Up passenger entering Crewkerne Station 26/7/58.

misterton station

My photograph is of an S15 locomotive and train from a similar viewpoint. The station canopy and footbridge are different styles in my photograph. The canopy is of the earlier design and the footbridge is based on Axminster.

Reference: Plate 44, The Best of Southern Steam by Alan Postlethwaite. Mr. Postlethwaite's photograph depicts a Bulleid Merchant Navy class with an up express about to pass under the road bridge at Axminster.

ACE at station

My photograph is of Bulleid Merchant Navy no. 35012 'United States Lines' with the 'down' ACE about to pass under the road bridge at Misterton. The ACE left Waterloo at 11.00am and is on route to coastal resorts in Devon and Cornwall.