Swanage Loco Yard 1960-64

00 Gauge Micro Layout

The layout is closely modelled on the prototype of the period. The scenic section is contained in a box measuring only 1m x 0.4m. Within this space the complete locomotive yard can be accommodated to scale. For operating sessions portable cassette style fiddle yards are added to each end, which extends the layout to about 3m.

The scenic module and fiddle yard storage cassettes are constructed from 5mm foam board giving very lightweight structures. The autumnal scene is lit by LED lighting and LED pendant lights in the shed and on the water tower.

All rolling stock used is representative of the period, including the ubiquitous M7 tank engine with its Maunsell Pull-Push coaches.

The model was built over 8 months in 2017. To read about its planning and construction please visit the Blog.

Swanage Loco Yard Track Plan

swanage locoyard track plan
swanage loco yard model railway

Swanage loco yard model railway.

m7 loco at swanage loco yard

M7 30056 with its pull-push train heads for Wareham.

west country departs swanage

Bulleid West Country class departs Swanage. (Staged from a photo in 'Swanage Railway Album')

class 700 shunting

Class 700 shunts the daily goods.

4mt passes loco shed

Class 4 4-6-0 coasts in to Swanage Station. Class 4 2-6-0 worked the line in practice. (Staged from a photo in 'Swanage Railway Album')

N class shunting coaches

N class shunts coaches to Goods Yard..

west country being coaled

Bulleid West Country takes on water. (Staged from a photo in 'Swanage Railway Album')

pull push train

Class 3MT with Maunsell pull-push set. The 3MT was unfitted and had to run around the coaches at the station to lead the train back to Wareham.

3mt on shed

Class 3MT on shed.

dusk at swanage loco yard

Dusk at Swanage loco yard.

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